A.Spa offers visitors a unique experience of relaxation and self-pampering, turning each day into a soothing experience for couples and individuals of all ages. Ultimate relaxation with an entirely holistic approach to health and beauty awaits you at A.SPA, an uniqueSantorini spa that combines an inspiring array of restorative treatments – custom-designed personal experiences, body treatments, facials and massages that will lift your spirit high. A rejuvenating facial or a relaxing massage in Santorini will loosen up your muscles and add an extra glow to your skin, while other signature treatments will ensure utmost relaxation and rejuvenation.

A.SPA is a dazzlingly glam sanctuary of elegance and serenity, a seductive oasis of luxury for living energetic experiences in beautiful natural surroundings such as a relaxing massage in Santorini against the backdrop of the Caldera. Discover a long pathway in a soothing atmosphere uniquely designed with phantasmagoric facilities and unique Ligne St. Barth spa products, distinguishing the A.SPA as a place that's regal and resplendent.

Enjoy everything from massages, manicure and pedicure, to peaceful surroundings. There is no limit to relaxation thanks to our qualified team of therapists and a full menu of tantalizing services. We offer guests a new kind of spa retreat, one that is truly tailor-made integrating all the senses.


Synonymous with subtle sophistication, Iris Spa Suite is the perfect fane for utmost relaxation. This modern earthly-luxury-style retreat feature a stunning-and-seductive indoor glittering heated pool surrounded by stone archway, a twin massage beds, a steam room, a rain shower cabin and a lobby arranged with your comfort in mind.  

In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.


Located on the rooftop of Kirini Santorini's main building, with spectacular sea views, Kalliste Spa Suite is an homage paid to the perfect and pure beauty of Kalliste nymph. Couples seeking for an exclusive romantic spa experience can find a relaxing oasis to unwind and reconnect to each other. Combining the inspiring sunset seen from the top Oia’s Caldera cliffs with customized soothing massage, this adventure guides couples on a blissful journey unlike any other. 

Designed to be shared with your significant other while indulging in side-by-side tandem massage and sharing a glass of bubbly champagne, we invite you to get closer to addicting aromas, soft lighting and music, all creating an ambiance that will make this a day to remember. 

Kalliste (“most beautiful”) was the Haliad nymph of the island of Kalliste (now Santorini) in the Aegean Sea. Her father, the sea-god Triton, presented her to the Argonaut Euphemos as a clod of earth. When the clod was washed overboard during the voyage it formed into the island of Santorini, a personification of Santorini Island, may be recognized as an epithet of the goddess herself.


Enter the colorful Caribbean world, through the exotic scents and the exclusive pampering elixirs of Ligne St. Barth. Proud winners of the 2014 World Travel Awards for Greece’s Leading Boutique Spa Hotel, the A. SPA offers visitors a unique experience of relaxation and self-pampering.


Amid a true sense of place, Thalia Spa Suite is relaxation at its finest. Loaded with indulgent style, the open space retreat feature twin massage beds massage, steam room and shower, neighbored by a cozy lobby where we perform a foot washing ritual while guiding you through the script of your treatment. 

Thalia ("the Joyous, the Flourishing", from "to flourish, to be green") is a nymph from the fifty Nereides - goddesses of the sea. She is also given as an anthropomorphic secondary deity of plant life and shoots, possibly as the culmination of the transmission of knowledge on volcanic ash's use as a fertilizer, characteristic of ancient viticulture in volcanic soils such as those of the islands of Thera and Santorini.


We're all about keeping you in top form! If you like to start the day with a boost of energy, our well-appointed gym is at your disposal upon availability from 10:00 am till 18:00 pm.

Perfect for helping you stick to your workout program or jump-start a new fitness routine, our state-of-art fitness and cardio equipment are available to cater for all your health and fitness needs.

The gym is located on the ground floor close to Kirini Santorini's lobby. The room has natural daylight, is light & airy and air conditioned. There is always an ample supply of clean fresh towels for guests' use. Please note you need to make an appointment.