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Experiences / Amazing Luxury Yacht Tour Experience in Santorini.

Katikies Club Santorini Experiences Yachting DJI 0047

Exclusively reserved for our guests only.
State of the art, fleet of luxury motor yachts, offer you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable cruise in the volcanic caldera of Santorini.
Unique picturesque views, crystal clear waters, or hot muddy healing baths are included. Our experienced yacht staff and car drivers will offer you discrete service ensuring security and comfort. “Seaside” lunch basket is prepared by our hotel chefs and served onboard. Perfect choice to marvel the beauty of this unique island in safety, privacy and style.

Katikies Club (21)

Cruise to Ios Island

This sailing excursion is the best way to explore Santorini and Ios, two islands full of history, culture, and landscape.

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Katikies Club Santorini Experiences Yachting Q1A9224

Cruise to Koufonisia - Mykonos - Delos islands

Get ready for a two-day sailing experience in the Aegean Sea by discovering Koufonisia, Mykonos and the legendary Delos.

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Tranquilius (14)

Cruise to Folegandros island

Dive into an emerald dream.
Step aboard and get to know your dedicated crew over a chilled champagne reception before your journey begins.

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Tranquilius (1)

Cruise to Anafi island

Anafi is a picture-perfect paradise of white and blue houses, turquoise waters, and blue skies.

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