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Sustainable hospitality.

In our quest to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Greece, Katikies Hotels go to great lengths to ensure sustainable, environmentally friendly practices down to the smallest detail. From our own kitchen garden and locally sourced menus, to our choice of materials and supplies, we put the planet first.

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Waste management

Since 2016, we cooperate with Hellenic Waste Management which is a company that provides comprehensive services for environmental protection and management of any type of waste throughout Greece and it is responsible for the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Menus & Restaurants

In all restaurants as of 2020 we have included starter & main vegan menus.
All water provided in our restaurant outlets and within the room are in glass bottles (Mini Bar water, Turn Down water, Breakfast water, Water on Bar Menu)

Espresso Capsules

Separation of used coffee ground from their aluminum cases. The capsules are used in compose fertilizer or transformed into renewable energy. Finally, as aluminum is infinitely recyclable can be used in building of new products like pens or bicycles. As a result, last year 28% of our capsules were sent back to be recycled.

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Guaranteed ecological disinfection of every room and mattress as provided by Pure Space TM

We apply cleaning of all types of premises with biodegradable ecological products, that are non-aggressive for materials, non-toxic and non-allergenic, putting in priority our clients, our properties and environment. The purification process treats every surface, including air, and removes up to 99, 99% of bacteria and viruses on-site. Our mission is to research and select the best available technologies in the fields of hygiene, environmental protection, and air quality for better protection of customers and employees.

Linen Change and Room toiletries

The hotel offers an environmental opt-in optiοn for not changing the bed sheets and the towels daily. We are calling all guests to place the towels that they wish to replace with new ones inside the shower or bathtub. Leaving the linen elsewhere means that the guest intends to take advantage of the hotel’s re-use policy. All bathroom products / amenities are free of single use plastic wrapping, recyclable and ecofriendly (Bulgari)
In 2021 all amenity containers will be biodegradable.

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Air Conditioning

All guest rooms are climate-controlled: we always set the temperature around 20C (F68) degrees in the summer and 25C (F78) degrees in the spring / autumn to maximize both energy efficiency and personal comfort.

Get unplugged

Only 5% of the power used by an average cell phone is used to charge the phone. The 95% is wasted energy, so we suggest our guests keeping their cell phone, laptop or other electrical appliances unplugged when they are not in use. We also offer through our Katikies Club the option of electric hotel cars for transfers and excursions (BMW).


We are moving towards a paperless hotel, but for now FSC certified paper is used for all printed collateral. We also offer paperless check in / check out service.

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