special events

Idyllic Event Venue

With a choice of private dining venues and a snug, cozy lounge next to the infinity pool available for drink receptions, Chromata Santorini Hotel is an ideal place to celebrate a special occasion with the help of the hotel’s professional events team.


Rekindle Romance

Rejoice your love at a seafront Cycladic cave while relishing fine dining choices or divine cocktails at the pool lounge bar in view of the azure Aegean and the awe-inspiring Caldera.


Your special day!

Our onsite staff at Chromata Santorini Hotel will go the extra mile to make your special day a memorable occasion with personalized touches and pampering treats.



A Slice of Paradise

Set on the idyllic enclave of the Caldera, Chromata Santorini hotel offers an environment of pure bliss and seclusion with glorious views and casually-elegant amenities. Pick your slice of paradise and let your honeymoon begin.



A tale to Remember

Chromata Santorini boutique hotel is an unadulterated romantic heaven where the breathtaking scenery just adds to the already heightened emotions during the nuptials, making your special day even more memorable.