July 12, 2018

The energy of the volcano is absorbed in everyday life, in the life of locals, the customs, the traditions, the exceptional Santorini events and annual festivities. An energy from within the surface of the earth that is transformed to inspiration, to artistic grandeur and cultural magnificence as witnessed throughout the most renowned cultural events and Santorini festivals.

Get ready to experience for yourself some of the top Santorini events that you should not miss during your visit to Santorini.

Santorini Arts Factory   

To begin with let’s take a closer look to the newly established Santorini arts factory. A non-profit organization founded in 2014 to promote the Greek cultural heritage through a series of qualitative artistic events that will shape the cultural education of young adults. With the support of local and governmental authorities as well as institutions the SAF will be hosting renowned artists from all around the world during its annual program and organize a number of theatrical performances, art events, dance workshops, art exhibitions and musical performances aiming to spread the value of art and culture.

Ifestia Festival

One of the major Santorini festivals actually began by accident. It was the year 1991 when the organizers of a music concert created a firework show. The firework show was so spectacular that triggered the enthusiasm of the audience and so it became an annual tradition, Ifestia, the festival of the volcano. Paying tribute to the volcano’s magnificence and magical attributes, the Ifestia festival hosts a representation of the island’s volcanic eruption along with a series of musical events, dance performances, concerts and fireworks. It is the longest running festival in Santorini taking place in September that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Reaching 90 miles in height, the explosions turn the night into day. So, are you ready to watch the most illuminating spectacle?

Santorini Jazz Festival

The Santorini Jazz Festival was born through the passion of two locals, Antonis Kutrublis, owner of the open-air theater of Kamari and musician Vassilis Tzatzias. These two men had one thing in common, they shared the same passion and enthusiasm, the passion for jazz and so they slowly attracted more jazz enthusiasts and artists of the ethnic, funk, fusion and be-pop music scene turning their passion into one of Santorini’s major events taking place every July.

Megaron Gyzi Festival

Standing out for its artistic quality and remarkable impact on local, national and international level, the Megaron Gyzi festival combines a series of musical jazz concerts, artistic events, art exhibitions and classical music adding an extra dash of culture in Gyzi Cultural Centre in Fira the first three weeks of August.

International Music Festival

Investing in art as a source of eternal strength, Athena Capodistria introduced the International Music Festival bringing together artists from the music scene around the globe. Taking place every year for two consecutive weeks in Fira at Petros M. Nomikos conference center, the International Music Festival is a source of inspiration itself.

The island’s energy never ceases to exist, it is eternal, just like its source of inspiration, it’s sleeping volcano, releasing more energy that you can possibly handle.

photo 3 source: https://bit.ly/2NJT7RB
photo 4 source: https://bit.ly/2Jfo78D