September 13, 2018

Enveloped by the cerulean sea and the volcanic landscape, the island of Santorini features both a majestic seabed and a miraculous dramatic setting worth exploring by sea. Whether you rather cruise the Aegean, ski your way amidst the waves or dive in the crystalline waters, Santorini is a haven for fun filled water activities and extreme watersports adventures.  Let’s discover some of the top water activities in Santorini to enjoy while on the island and some of the top watersport centers.


Snorkel your way to the volcano and marvel the majestic seabed of Santorini, seek Santorini’s treasures underwater.

Scuba Diving

With a great variety of diving centers and a miraculous seabed Santorini diving has become one of the top water activities on the island leaving you wonder only about which side of Santorini you wish to explore.


One of the best ways to marvel Santorini’s awe-inspiring landscape is by sea, so get ready to jet-ski your way through the azure.


Retain your balance as you glide on water against the power of the wind.


Follow the wind as you glide along the water with your board and kite.

Stand-up Paddling

Discover Santorini’s secret treasures while standing up on a paddle board.


Ski across the cobalt Aegean on one ski or two depending on your expertise.

Sea Kayaking

Pass the most magical volcanic formations as you paddle your way to Santorini’s most remote locations.


Get on board and wakeboard your way through the scintillating waters of the Aegean.


Ride the waves of Santorini on a surf and feel the energy of the wind.


Paddle away into the azure on a single-bladed paddle.


Reach for the sky as you parasail over the sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea.

Tubes & Bananas

You’ve probably been on a tube or a banana before or at least you know how it works so just make sure you hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Crazy UFO & Crazy Squab

Sitting on a sofa can be more crazy than you imagine so hold on tight and get ready to bounce all over the surface of the water…or seabed.

Pedal Boats

If you acquire no special skills, talent or balance, then ride a pedal boat and enjoy the sea in the most safe and enjoyable way.


Do you dare to paraglide over the volcanic cliffs of Santorini and fly over the Aegean Sea? Then take a deep breath and begin to fly.


Do you have what it takes to fly above the sea? The flyboard or hoverboard are the way to go. Are you ready?

As listed above, a great array of Santorini watersports can be found throughout the island with most of Santorini’s beaches hosting one or more water sports centers for you to choose from. If heading to the beach of Perivolos you may find the Wave Sports Club right next to Chili Bar, the Extreme Watersports center featuring all kinds of activities for both amateurs and professionals or the Wave Sports center located both in Perivolos and Perissa. For those who rather chill by the pool or roll through the waterslides then Santorini’s Waterpark in Perissa is the place to be. On Saint George’s beach, Crazy Sports features the most modern watersports facilities on the island while the Aegean Divers take diving in Santorini to a whole new level. For more watersports adventures visit the beach of Kamari and choose from a wide range of watersports at 3sx Sports Center and pump up your adrenaline with an amazing array of activities at Kamari beach watersports.

The entire island of Santorini is filled with fun and exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. Are you ready to explore its majestic scenery, sea and seabed while having fun with your family and friends? If so, pick the watersport of your choice and get ready for some serious splashing…