April 5, 2018

Santorini is a unique island in Greece renowned for its stunning natural beauty and incomparable volcanic landscape.  Rising from its ashes, after the volcanic eruption which occurred some 3,600 years ago, Santorini was left with a precious gift, a blessed soil in which seeds, roots and bulbs found a place to sprout and blossom. A volcanic soil filled with “aspa”, a fusion of volcanic extracts rich in essential minerals that have shaped the island’s gastronomic heritage.

Taking a tour over the gastronomic map of Santorini, let’s locate the most essential food categories and let’s pin on that map the most exceptional Santorini local food.


Kopania Bites

Crushed barley rusks mixed with raisins and sesame seeds, rolled in balls and drizzled with roasted sesame seeds. A sweet snack to be enjoyed any hour of the day.



A creamy delicacy made of purred yellow split peas usually served with olive oil, onions, capers and fresh lemon juice.

Ntomatokeftedes (tomato fritters)

Small tomato fritters made from local cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions and mint.


Stuffed Poulia

Courgette flowers stuffed with shredded courgette, rice, onions, tomato, mint, parsley and spices.


A mixed omelet with fried courgette, fries and tomatoes, salt and pepper.



Salted pork loin placed in vinegar and air-dried, usually sprinkled with pepper and cinnamon.


Kouneli tyravgoulo (cheese-egg rabbit)

Pieces of rabbit fried in olive oil with onions, garlic and flour, then braised with wine and bay leaves and finally mixed with beaten eggs, grated cheese and wine.


Smelt Pie (Atherinopita)

Smelts are fried with onions and flour and together create a mouthwatering mass of flavors and aromas resembling a pie.

“Xelouristo” Salted Cod (raw)

Raw cod meat served with olive oil, lemon, cherry tomatoes, capers, parsley and mint.


Chlorotyri cheese

Made of goat or sheep milk this is Santorini’s signature cheese that can also be used as a spread.


Due to its unique volcanic soil, Santorini produces some of the most eclectic wines in the country distinguished for their unique flavors and aromas such as Assyrtiko, Nyxtheri, Athiri and Aidani that can be greatly accompanied with the finest Santorini local food.

 Santorini is an island filled with hidden beauties waiting to be uncovered and gastronomic treasures waiting to be revealed. Make your way to Katikies hotels and travel your senses from the Mediterranean gastronomic scene to the Anatolian cuisine and the most refined upscale dining proposals with sweeping views of the volcano rim.