October 7, 2016

Reflections of Stardust

About 3,600 years ago the island of Santorini was hit by one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history leading to the destruction of the Minoan civilization that at the time inhabited the island. Little did we know then, that the volcanic eruption would release other than lava and molten rock, oceans of stardust that would settle along the shores to create 10 of the best beaches in Santorini.

From the volcanic dust to the stretches of golden sand let’s follow the stardust to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades insular complex in Greece.

Red Beach

The raw, unaltered beauty of the natural landscape of red and black volcanic rocks will take your breath away. Take a dip in the crystalline azure, snorkel around the volcanic seabed, relax on your sunbed as you gaze at the stunning scenery or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the cafes literary carved into the rocks.

Kamari Beach:

Covered in black sand, the beach of Kamari stretches towards the sun like a flower, drinking up its light. Bask in the sun and let the sea breeze mellow your soul, let the waves take you away and energize your spirit with a series of watersports adventures. Sit back and relax, relish fresh fish and local flavors in view of the enormous rock of Mesa Kamari, visit ancient Thira or take a caique to the isle of Anafi. Treat your family to an adventurous day on the beach.

Perissa Beach

Follow the beating heart of the summer to the black sand beach of Perissa. Lose yourself into the azure, embark on a water sports adventure, savor authentic flavors at the nearby taverns or set off to uncover the secrets of the past in ancient Thera by foot or on a donkey.

Perivolos Beach

Seek your reflection on the sparkling surface of the sea and surrender to the echoes of serenity, the sound of the waves and the whistling breeze. As the day unfolds before your eyes scuba dive your way through underwater treasures, surf on the waters of the Aegean and tickle your taste buds with exquisite local delicacies and traditional recipes.


Step in an oasis of urban nature with gray sand and peculiar views to the brick structures from an old factory situated nearby. Urban, yet dreamy, Vlychada beach welcomes you to surrender to its calm environs and picturesque setting as you swim your way to serenity. Escape from the sun with a refreshing drink from the beach bar or sail into the azure with a boat from its small port.

Agios Georgios:

The stretches of gray sand reflect the rays of the sun and bathe you with sunlight as you lay on your sunbed. Paddle your way around the gleaming coast and surf into the endless azure as the sea breeze caresses your face. Unwind in an exotic piece of paradise unlike any other.

Cape Columbo:

Seek some privacy into the shadows of the enormous red cliffs, as you surround yourself with the dramatic landscape. Let the strong wind blow your worries away and sail your senses through the shimmering Aegean Sea. Walk on the volcanic pebbles and pause for a moment to marvel your reflection onto the blues.

Monolithos Beach:

Have you ever considered how would your life be if you could actually live by the sea? Spend a day on Monolithos Beach and you will get your answer. Discover how it feels to wake into a fine luxury accommodation in Santorini to the view of the scintillating Aegean, to swim in its iridescent waters or play football on its sun kissed beach and savor the flavors of the Mediterranean as you listen to the waves kiss the shore…Capture the memories of your Santorini holidays with a camera and then go through the pictures one by one, cherish every moment of living on the beach.

White Beach:

As a child you have traveled to the world of fairytales again and again. Now we welcome you to meet the fairest of them all, let us introduce you to Snow-white. Only this time you’ll meet the snow-white of nature, with its white volcanic rocks and its white pebbles luring the Aegean out of her blues. Luring you into a new fairytale…

Mesa Pigadia Beach:

And as the story unfolds there is no tale without a treasure, without a gem to make it complete. So therefore let’s uncover the hidden gem of Mesa Pigadia, hiding amidst the high white cliffs and the majestic natural surroundings. A gem of beauty and calm allowing you to surrender to the peacefulness of the sea and tantalize your palates with mouthwatering delicacies at the nearby restaurant

Following the volcanic stardust to the best beaches in Santorini, we have revisited legends, stories and fairytales for couples and for families wishing to live their own happily ever after and explore the many types of beaches in Santorini island from one side to the other.

Are you ready to delve into the magic?