November 13, 2018

Mykonos is world renowned for its VIP party scene, its authentic Cycladic character and exceptional gastronomy. Mykonos’ unique cuisine, following a set of steps, like a choreography of flavors from the land and the sea comes together to surprise even the most discerning of palates.

Let’s awaken your taste buds as we savor some of the finest Mykonos local products.

Special Products from the Land


A creamy cheese dip with spicy flavor made of cow’s milk.


A sour local cheese mostly served as an appetizer.


Fresh, soft and unsalted cheese, used as the base for the production of Kopanisti.


The Mykonian sausages are made of local baby pigs and are seasoned with spices, salt, oregano and pepper. They have less fat than typical sausages and that is what makes them unique.


The fillet from the back of the pork is dried out under the sun and then seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. It is usually served in slices.

Kalathaki (Almond cake)

Due to the dry weather conditions marzipans and almond cakes made with flower, eggs, butter, cinnamon and almonds were the easiest sweets that the locals could produce. Their smell and flavor will leave you asking for more.


Delicious smoked pork fillet

Local Specialties

Kremidopita (Onion Pie)

The onion pie is a local delicacy made with sheets of puff pastry, local tirovolia cheese, onions and dill.


Barley rusks with kopanisti cheese sprinkled with olives, olive oil, oregano, and capers.


Fried, homemade dough filled with tirovolia cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar, and honey.


Special Dishes from the Land

Amidst other special recipes, while in Mykonos make sure to try the wild fricasseed with wild fennel fritters and fresh amaranth, the cabbage with lard, the snails with pilaf or onions, the broad beans with fennel and lard, the pork stew with cabbage, the fried wild mushrooms, as well as the wild-greens pie, the fried fennel balls and the fried zucchini balls. For those with a real sweet tooth, the honey pie, the tsimbita bites with honey, orange and cinnamon as well as the amygdalota almond sweets with icing sugar are the best choice.

Special Dishes from the Sea

Visit one of the local taverns or gourmet restaurants by the sea and make your selection from the fresh catch of the day. Pick some anchovies, smelt or sardines and enjoy them fried. You may also select a larger fish such as seabream or parrotfish on the grill, fried or sautéed shrimp with feta cheese, tomatoes and olives, spaghetti with lobster, fried octopus or squid and fresh urchins in olive oil and vinegar.

Mykonos welcomes you on a journey for the senses. Open your eyes to the eternal blue, listen to the sound of the waves, feel the gentle breeze, smell the glorious scents and taste the true essence of Mykonos along with some of the best Mykonos local products.