January 19, 2017

You’ve made all the preparations for the Big Day, you chose the right wedding gown and suit, the most idyllic venue, a delicious menu, the most beautiful flower arrangements and exchanged eternal vows in front of your beloved family and friends. Now breathe…the Big Day has come to an end and it is time for you to finally live your happily after.

But where should you go on your honeymoon? Should you plan a European vacation, take a Mediterranean cruise or enjoy your honeymoon on the beach? The answer, a honeymoon in Santorini is all you need to begin the most fairylike happily ever after.

Imagine yourself basking in the sun on a golden beach against Santorini’s volcanic backdrop, walking through the cobblestone alleys with your other half through the picturesque houses and blue domed churches evoking the Aegean warmth and Cycladic charm. Add to that the breathtaking views to the Caldera and awe-inspiring sunset reflecting on the azure of the sea…now imagine no more, you have just landed on the island of Santorini.

Love is in the air, wherever you look, whichever turn you take, every image you lay your eyes on is like a photo from a novel or a scene from a movie. But you are now the protagonist and you may be wondering what to do to further rekindle romance and continue to enhance with grace your own love affair.


So, let’s unfold together the most romantic scenario for your luxury honeymoon in Santorini.

Cave room

Arrange your stay at one of the Katikies Luxury Boutique resorts cave room at the edge of the cliff in one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Santorini and begin your every day with the sea slowly unfolding before your eyes.


Wander around Oia, stroll along the cobblestone paths and find the perfect spot to watch the sun set over the azure Aegean a little after 8 p.m. during the summer, look up at the scarlet painted sky and take some photos with your significant other to cherish for life.

Sunset Cruise

Another of the most favorable activities for newlyweds is a sunset cruise on a luxury yacht. Sail the Aegean holding hands and uncover some of Santorini’s most precious natural gems on your way.

Wine Tasting

Set off on a wine tasting tour to some of the finest Santorinian wineries such as Sigalas Winery kai Argyros Winery, the Boutari winery in Megalochori, Canava Roussos at Mesa Gonia, Santo Wines in Pyrgos and Halaris in Perissa, follow the fragrant scents of the vines and cheer to you love for each other.

Special Gift

Make your loved one feel special with a unique piece of jewelry made of lava rocks from a specialty store in Fira. A small sign of affection that will forever remind you of your amazing honeymoon in Santorini.

Candlelight Dinner

Book a table on the edge of the cliff and relish the most exceptional gourmet delights under the veil of stars, cheer with a glass of champagne and enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon dinner in Santorini at Chroma restaurant of Chromata Hotel.

Sunset View

Enjoy a cocktail with your other half in view of the awe-inspiring sunset of Santorini from your private balcony at Sunrocks hotel and cherish this romantic moment for the years to come.


Fully unwind with a couple’s spa session at A. Spa of Kirini Santorini and revive your senses in an ambiance drenched with romance and unrivalled charm at one of the islands most romantic spas.

Your happily ever after awaits, so pack your bags, grab your sweetheart and make your way to one of the finest honeymoon destinations in Santorini. To make the most out of your honeymoon we suggest that you plan it ahead of time for either June or September when the streets are less crowded, the weather is still amazing and the businesses still run smoothly.

Ready for your happily ever after?