July 11, 2018

Bringing together people from different cultures, styles and backgrounds, the island of Mykonos is a cosmopolitan hub of cultural and festive activity attracting thousands of participants from around the globe. Every festive event with a unique character and a specific number of followers that make it unique. Let’s dive into the festive scene of Mykonos and uncover some of its most spectacular summer festivals.

Mykonos Biennale

Every odd year in the beginning of the summer, the island welcomes Mykonos Biennale. Inspired by Lydia Venieri, the Biennale is actually a symposium bridging together art and philosophy. Presented in diverse locations by both established and emerging artists, visitors are welcome to marvel up close an amazing range of artworks, long term community based projects, programs and events in venues such as galleries, museums, pirate houses, galleries, schools and churches.

XLSIOR Mykonos

XLSIOR Mykonos is by far the most renowned gay Mykonos festival. Established in 2009 by Anastasios Kapetanias, the XLSIOR is more than a festival, it is an unforgettable holiday experience filled with fun, luxury and surprises lifting your spirit beyond boundaries. Set at the most breathtaking venues of Mykonos, this festival attracts the hottest crowds to dance to the beat of astonishing music tunes that will blow your mind. This year, 30,000 people will be celebrating the power of YOU between August 22nd and August 29th. Are you ready to be part of the fun? Katikies Mykonos is one of the premium hotels supporting this spectacular event.

Traditional Harvest Festival

With respect to years of heritage and tradition, every second Sunday in September, the island’s winemakers begin the pressing of the grapes at the Agricultural Museum within the traditional Boni Windmill. An authentic Mykonos Festival and the perfect opportunity to savor some local food and wine, enjoy traditional folkloric music and sing along.

Multimedia Festival

Another amazing festival for multimedia enthusiasts is the Mykonos Multimedia Festival taking place every year. This unique festival consists of art exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses and performances worth attending.

Full moon in August in Delos

Get ready to land on the largest and most significant archeological site in Europe, home of Artemis and Apollo, step amidst ancient monuments and ruins and celebrate under the full moon of August to the most joyful tunes.

The festive scene of Mykonos awaits you this summer, are you ready to turn on your festive mood?


Photo 2 Source:  http://www.mykonosbiennale.com/mykonos-biennale/