May 9, 2017

Seductive, breath-taking, mystique and glorious, the island of Mykonos is about to capture you in its 10 shades of gold. Beautifully shaped and sculpted, malleable and flexible, the noblest color of all, gold can be found throughout the earth and sea, stretching over the long coastline of Mykonos and crystallized into millions of golden grains that come together to formulate the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.

Let’s take a closer look to see how pure and precious the best beaches in Mykonos really are.

Mykonos Megali Ammos: 

Only a 15-minute walk from Mykonos town, Megali Ammos, meaning big sand used to be a “secret beach” near the port according to the legend. A black market hideaway haunted by the ghost of the Kapetanakis pirate stretching far out so as to keep curious villagers at a safe distance when loading and unloading illegal goods. Today, due to its close proximity to Chora, it attracts many tourists having only a few hours to spend on the island. The beautiful gold sandy beach of Megali Ammos also features a traditional tavern and it is a favourite fishing spot for locals and travellers alike.

Mykonos Psarou Beach:

Situated right by the bus station of Platys Gialos, the beach of Psarou is a must visit beach on the island of Mykonos as it is the hot spot of the crème de la crème and the VIPs. A beautiful, gold, sandy and fully organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds featuring besides a traditional tavern, a café-bar and sushi bar and the renowned Nammos beach restaurant ready to tickle your taste buds with the most eclectic gourmet flavours. Psarou offers a tranquil haven of relaxation with just a hint of excitement and if you are a water sports enthusiast there is a scuba diving center at the spot allowing you to dive deep in the crystalline waters of the Aegean while enjoying your day at one of the finest celebrity beaches in Mykonos.

Mykonos Platis Gialos Beach

The cosmopolitan beach of Platis Gialos is situated only 4 km from Mykonos town. It is an extensive golden sandy beach fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas well protected from the summer winds. The beach also features a water sports center allowing visitors to ski or jet ski their way through the azure or pump up their adrenaline with a banana boat ride, enjoy snorkelling adventures or a series of water toys. A perfect beach in Mykonos for families with young kids. Platis Gialos is graciously dotted with souvenir shops, restaurants, beach bars and several accommodation options and it is also connected to some of the island’s most wondrous beaches with a boat offering all you may need to enjoy a wonderful day on the beach

Mykonos Paranga Beach:

Despite its name, suggesting a poor home, the legendary beach of Paranga has been the first nudist beach of the island since the 70s favoured by the hippie generation. Today it is a fully organised beach with sunbeds and umbrellas brilliantly blending its fine golden sand, with the rocky landscape and the emerald waters of the sea creating a haven of serenity for everyone to enjoy. The shallow waters make it a perfect place for families with young children who can reach the beach by bus or on foot in less than 15 minutes when coming from Platis Gialos. The beach also features a tavern and it is surrounded by many fine restaurants, hotels and bungalows. Despite its tranquil setting, Platis Gialos boasts a very energetic party atmosphere.

Mykonos Elia beach:

Situated 3 km away from Ano Mera, the beach of Elia is the largest beach on the southern side of Mykonos. Cosmopolitan and fully developed with tourist facilities, sunbeds, umbrellas, accommodation and dining choices, the beach of Elia offers the perfect place for a delightful day on the beach whether visiting with your family, your friends or your other half. The beach is also preferred by socialite gays, features a water sports center and it is located near the island’s only water park. Easily accessible, the beach of Elia can be reached by bus or boat.

Mykonos Kalo Livadi beach:

Set at the end of a long valley just as its name suggests Kalo Livadi, is a popular, long and golden sandy beach favoured by families and water sports enthusiasts as it features all kinds of dining and accommodation options as well as water sports facilities for all tastes and preferences. Since the opening of the Sol y Maras beach bar, this beautiful beach has been lifted to new heights attracting entrepreneurs and VIPs from all corners of the world. The beach of Kalo Livadi can be easily reached by bus from Mykonos town.

Mykonos Ornos Beach:

The beautiful beach of Ornos, two kilometres away from the town of Mykonos is more of a beach community than an actual beach featuring all kinds of café, bar, dining and accommodation options, water sports facilities and shops catering to the needs of all types of visitors. The beach also provides a good anchorage for yachts and offers daily boat services to the islands of Delos and Rhenia. Long and sandy, the beach of Ornos welcomes families, friends and individual travellers for a truly relaxing day on the beach. There is a frequent bus service to Ornos beach from Mykonos town.

Mykonos Agios Ioannis Beach:

If you wish to experience the magic of the cinema, the small sandy beach of Agios Ioannis where the famous film Shirley Valentine was filmed during the 80s is the place to be. Only 5 km away from Mykonos town this enchanting and fully organized beach offers you a haven by the sea protected from the winds. Besides the crystalline waters and wonderful view to Delos island, the sunset view from the beach is definitely worth your wait. Agios Ioannis also features a few traditional taverns serving local delicacies. This beautiful beach can be reached by bus and its ideal for swimming.


Mykonos Panormos beach:

Panormos and Agios Sostis are the two most known unorganized Mykonos calm beaches situated approximately 4.5 km from Mykonos town. Both beaches can only be reached by car or taxi and are the meeting point of Greek celebrities. Panormos beach is preferred by nudists that choose the right part of the beach as well as friends and families who usually gather at the left part of the beach where there is also a tavern, a hotel with swimming pool and a beach bar.

Agios Sostis beach:

Moving beyond Panormos beach through a bumpy road, leave your car on the side and start heading down the hill to reach the beautiful, gold, sandy and pebbled bay of Agios Sostis. A virgin, quiet and tranquil clothes-optional beach ideal for relaxation. Completely unorganized, the beach of Agios Sostis is an unspoiled haven of repose perfect for those seeking for utmost tranquility. When visiting make sure to bring all necessities such as water, umbrellas, hats and suntan lotion as there are no tourist facilities available close by.

Mykonos Lia beach:

Maintaining its paradisiacal appeal, Lia beach is a beautiful beach with sand, rocks and pebbles that can only be reached by car or motorbike. Therefore it retains its quiet and tranquil ambiance and so it is preferred by many locals and visitors wishing to stay away from the crowds. It is the furthest beach from Chora featuring umbrellas, sunbeds, taverns and a beach bar to cater to the needs of its visitors.

Gold and sandy, the beaches in Mykonos are only a slight portion of the island’s precious natural wonders. It’s time for you to claim your reserves of gold by marking your spot with your own footprints on the golden beaches of Mykonos.